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Welcome to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

We are a parish of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, a part of the worldwide Orthodox Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and spread throughout the world by His holy apostles and their successors. The Head of the Church is our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. In obedience to Him we are led by His Holiness, Neophit, the Patriarch of Bulgaria, and by His Eminence, Metropolitan Joseph diocesan prelate of the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada, and Australia ( The temporary clergy appointed by our hierarchs to shepherd the parish is Priest Daniel Iliev. The church is currently located in Lilburn, Georgia, and our parishioners come from all parts of the metropolitan Atlanta area and beyond. We welcome visitors from all over the world.

As part of the Orthodox Church we strive above all to unite ourselves to Christ our Savior. For this reason we are committed to the truth that He Himself embodied. We strive to follow the authentic and unchanged Holy Tradition given to us by Christ and His apostles for our salvation, and we welcome all who wish to take up the Cross of our Savior and join their efforts with ours in following Him.

We also welcome all who are seeking the Church that teaches the unchanging truth proclaimed throughout all the centuries from the time that our Savior taught it and lived it on this earth to the present day, the Church that is united to Jesus Christ through an unbroken succession of those who proclaimed and struggled to live the life that He gave us. The services of our church are in both languages Bulgarian and English. It is our goal to share the saving Gospel of Christ in its fullness as it is proclaimed faithfully by the Orthodox Church alone. Whether or not you are ready at this time to make your commitment with us, you are most welcome to "come and see.”


O holy hierarch father Nicholas, pastor and teacher of all who in faith call upon thy protection an warm prayer, make haste to deliver Christ's flock from the wolves that attack it; and guard every Christian land, and keep it by thy holy prayers from worldly unrest, upheaval, the assault of enemies and civil strife; from famine, flood, fire, the axe and sudden mortality. And as thou didst take pity on the three men who were imprisoned, and didst deliver them from royal anger and death by the sword, so have mercy also on us, who are in the darkness of sins of mind, word and deed, and deliver us from the wrath of God and eternal punishment, so that, by thine intercession and help, and by His mercy and grace, Christ our God may grant us to lead a quiet life without sin in this age and deliver us in the next from standing at the left side, but rather grant us to be at His right hand with all the Saints.



О, пресвети Николае, превъзходни угодниче Господен, горещ наш застъпниче, добри пастирю, учителю и наставниче! Ти, като поживя ангелски на земята, се яви същински благ ангел и в твоята чудна прослава. Ние вярваме от всичката си душа и мисъл, че ти, добросърдечни помощниче и молитвениче наш, с твоите истински ходатайства и с благодатта, която изобилно ти е дадена от Господа и Спасителя, винаги ни помагаш за нашето спасение. И така, приеми, блажени угодниче Христов, и в този час нашите молби и ни запази с твоето застъпничество. Моли се на Господа, Който дава мир на всички, да изпрати мир на църквите, като събере разделените в едно, и да запази страната ни в мир и тишина. Моли милосърдния Господ да ни спаси от нашите прегрешения по каквито пътища Той знае. Моли Него - Благия, милостиво да даде на нас и на целия свят всичко потребно. Помогни на мене грешния и падналия духом в този живот. Измоли Господа Бога да дарува прошка на всичките ми грехове, които сторих още от младини през целия си живот с дело, с думи, с мисъл и с всичките си чувства. Моли Господа да ме избави от вечните мъки, та винаги да славя Отца и Сина и Светия Дух и твоето покровителство, сега и винаги, и во веки веков.

Currently the Bulgarian community
is using the premisses of the Serbian Orthodox Church Sts Peter and Paul


1558 Hewatt Rd SW, Lilburn, GA 30047, US

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